Hi! I’m Ashley, aka the investmintbaker. I currently live in Brooklyn with my husband and our dog Grizz. I am here to share healthy recipes and lifestyle inspirations to encourage others to invest in their health. Our bodies are our most valuable asset so why not make sure they are in mint condition?

I am a recipe developer, yogi, health coach, nature lover and long term thinker. I believe the shift in our perspective from short term to long term is where the magic happens. When our minds, bodies and hearts are working together efficiently as they were intended to do, we feel amazing inside and out. When we love our bodies we love our lives… and hey, we only got one right? 

All of my recipes are low in sugar, dairy free, frequently grain free, and always worth it. I know that healthy foods can be expensive so I make sure that when I buy an ingredient it has multiple purposes. You will always find repeating ingredients in my recipes so you’re not just buying that pricey jar of coconut butter or pure dark chocolate. All you need is basic cooking skills and a healthy (no pun intended) relationship with your kitchen and you’ve just made the initial investmint in your health. Along with recipes you can expect to find my favorite products, words of inspiration, fitness tips, hiking adventures, and more! The goal is simple: to help everyone feel good about themselves and explore how to be happy in their mind, body and life.

I am a certified yoga instructor, holistic health coach, and avid health foodie. I have a background in psychology and an extreme passion for helping and supporting others. Through my own personal history with body image and self worth, I have learned that every single thing we do in our lives originates from within. Once we care for the world inside ourselves, we can make anything happen in the world outside ourselves. And that is how investmintbaker came to life! As one of my favorite quotes states “love yourself first. The rest of the world will follow” – Me. 😉 

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