How do conquering our fears and conquering our goals connect?


Conquering our fears is directly connected to conquering our goals. When we put ourselves in a situation that brings us fear we become stronger and more courageous. Sounds obvious right? But definitely not easy.

Fear is the the thing that drives us to keep protecting ourselves so we can stay within our comfort zones in order to avoid potential humility. For me, I think it’s afraid of success. Like it’ll never be me or I’m not good enough. I end up questioning myself and second guessing everything I’m doing just when things are starting to get really good and I’m moving on to the next step. And why’s that? Fear. Fear is the leading force in our actions. We’re afraid to be judged, or imperfect, or wrong, how dare we be wrong?

How do I deal with this?


Shifting perspective. I set intentions for myself, like choosing to stop second guessing what I do or say. To stop replaying conversations in my head and thinking “was that weird” or “was that awkward”. I’m going to stop questioning why I’m good enough or why anyone would want to listen to me because what purpose is that serving me? Absolutely none. And I’m going to stop directing the way I feel towards others. No one is making me feel a certain way – I DECIDE how I feel.



It’s What We’ve Been Taught


As a society, we have sort of demonized fear. Like it is something we should avoid because its “bad” or it puts us at too much of a risk. But what if we looked at fear as the motivation for us to conquer our goals? That failure is ok, and actually even more than that, it’s good! It not only teaches us to get back up when we feel knocked down, but also that success takes time, patience, and persistence.

The purpose of fear is to protect us in the form of survival. If we never put ourselves in fearful situations, we’re “guaranteed” to be safe. In my opinion, it is the exact opposite. When we live in fear, we live in our comfort zones, and that in itself is holding us back from all of the potential opportunity and growth we can receive in our lives which to me, seems the opposite of safe. Safe means no worries. Comfort zones don’t equate to no worries.

When we think of fear we think of stress and anxiety, that state of panic our bodies go into when we are afraid. However, the stress is actually coming from living a life where we are not doing what we love, and living our truths, and following our dreams. That stress comes from our bodies telling us that we know we could be doing something else, that feels a lot better, but we’re just sitting in our comfort zone because that takes the least amount of effort.


The Holistic Approach to Conquering Fear and Goals


Once we start to understand fear from a holistic approach, we know that it is a part of living a whole and fulfilled life. Fear allows us to keep growing and allows us to be SO OK with ourselves that we feel comfortable with failure or setbacks, because we know that in the end we’re moving towards where we want to be. Those little bumps in the road are just part of the process. When we believe this, what’s the worst that can happen then? Embarrassment? Not in my book. In my book, sitting in our comfort zones is way worse than potential “embarrassment” about something that didn’t necessarily go as planned.

You want to know what is a natural anti-anxiety and anti-depressant? Living a life of truth. Living a life that we feel we were meant to be living, and in turn, doing the things that scare us most because that is what’s guiding us to be our best selves.



You are Worth it


Knowing your worth and your value is a huge part of allowing yourself to get to the point of conquering your fears and conquering your goals. Making yourself a priority in your life, through forms of self care, activities that make you feel good, and connecting with yourself on a deeper level to hear and feel what is going on inside. Reading books that inspire you, practicing yoga, meditating, surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded, putting yourself out there to also meet new people who can support you as you endeavor on your purposeful journey of life are all examples of how you can do this. I’ve attached some resources below for you to explore, because you are worth the time and effort.

This platform is so special to me because I get to not only put my thoughts into words and SEE how I’m feeling through reading those words, but also I’m able to share it with all of you in hopes that we can work on this stuff together. Together we can all work on quieting the judging, worrying, and fear in order to achieve everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

Think about something that brings you fear and ask yourself, when was the last time you challenged yourself to face it? You are worth it.



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