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Yes, there is a purpose to these crystal things that look like small rolling pins for the face that you see all over the internet. Also known as jade rollers, they are one of the best things to happen to our face care routines after cucumbers on our eyes. Let’s be real here, when was the last time you actually had cucumbers on your eyes?


As wellness enthusiasts and lovers of self care, it seems like we used to have to go to professionals or “experts” to receive proper self care, but now it can be done in the comfort of our own homes. We can make ourselves *expensive* rose petal baths, detoxify ourselves with aromatherapy candles and essential oils,  invest in new technological devices for at home facials like led light therapy, and last but not least, make ourselves an organic DIY face make recipe. Everything is at our fingertips and it is our choice to create a self care routine for ourselves that works and feels good.


Jade Rolling Self Care

Of course, we’re all here for the one face care trend that is all over the internet and is quite intriguing. Anyone I know who has seen the jade roller has first been like “wtf is that?” and then takes another second to really look at it and thinks “but really, wtf is that. I kind of want one”. At first sight it looks like everyone is just rolling a stone on their face with no rhyme or reason, maybe because it looks pretty or because it’s trendy. But there are in fact many reasons as to why everyone is hopping on this jade rolling trend.


Personally, I am not convinced there is enough science to prove that the rolling actually does exactly what it says it does in the body but I am also an optimist, so I like to believe in things. However, the science behind jade rolling is not the only reason why I do it. According to my personal belief (that knowledge is power and the only way to obtain true knowledge is through experience), the only way to find out what the hype was all about was to own a jade roller myself. So I bought myself a pretty little jade roller and have consistently made it part of my morning routine. The rest is history. I love the jade roller because of my own purpose that I found with using it, and if the science behind its benefits are true, well, that is just the cherry on top.


Why I Jade Roll

• I used to ice underneath my eyes with ice packs and paper towels because when I wake up sometimes my eyes feel puffy and it’s the only thing that feels good instantly. Now I use my jade roller straight from the freezer and sometimes I don’t even roll it on my face, I just place it on my eyelids for the cold and roll it under my eyes to reduce puffiness.

• If I eat sugar the night before or drink wine, I wake up puffy, and it feels amazing to roll out in the morning.

• If I feel extra tired in the morning, the cold sensation on my face wakes me up and is actually really rejuvenating. The jade roller is said to increase collagen production.

• If I have something I need to get ready for in the morning like a photo shoot or an event — it makes me feel brighter before doing my makeup.

• I like having it as part of my routine. It’s something I look forward to now in the morning as a little moment of self care before starting my day. It’s calming, it feels good, and it’s doing wonders for my skin and facial health.

• It is said to drain the lymphatic system, which reduces inflammation, puffiness and darkness. It also helps promote collagen production and activate the muscles of the face, leaving them feeling more plump (in a good way). I do feel this to be true, but also sometimes question if it’s a placebo effect or real, so I’m just going to go with IT’S REAL.



How to Use the Jade Roller

Since it’s super hard to try and explain this via words without visual context, here is a great video for you to see how to use the jade roller properly.


Storing and Cleaning

Storing and cleaning your jade roller is an essential part of the jade rolling process. You want to make sure that wherever you store the jade roller, it is cleaned properly before being put away and that it has it’s own home within your home.


When cleaning my jade roller, after each use I use a microfiber cloth (an eyeglasses cleaner) to wipe the surface clean before storing. After a few uses, I also thoroughly clean it with a small cloth or paper towel dipped in diluted tea tree oil (a drop of tea tree oil and water) to clean the surface from bacteria build up. You can also use rubbing alcohol or straight up vodka if that’s what you have on hand. Avoid cleaning the jade with any acids such as lemon or vinegar, since the jade stone is sensitive to those substances.


When storing the jade roller, I make sure it has it’s own space in a glass jar (in my freezer) but you can also just leave yours in a glass container anywhere in your home. It’s important to make sure it does not sit in wet or damp surfaces because the metal on the roller can rust. If you are storing your jade roller in the freezer, make sure it is completely dry before storing so there is no growth of bacteria or rust.


Where to Buy The Jade Roller

Like most other things, you can search for a jade roller on amazon and get it delivered to your door, but I think it’s best to purchase from a reliable source where you can trust the quality. You want to make sure that it is a real jade stone from a reputable company, and that the metals are also quality material. A few places that sell good jade rollers are Credo, Sephora, The Detox Market, and Herbivore.




Happy Self Care!

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