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Pregaming for your day is exactly like pregaming for your night. When you really think about it, what is it that makes a pregame so fun anyway?

The drinks, the music, the people (sometimes? lol) and the vibes. Good vibes all around. Pregames are meant to be good vibes because they hype you up for the night. If they were people the pregame would be the hype man and the actual night’s plans would be the star.

Pregaming for your day is the same exact thing. It’s setting up good vibes from the moment you wake up to start your day excited, upbeat, and buzzing with energy. If you’re thinking you’re too tired to party in the morning or you’re not a morning person so you’ll just meet us after the pregame, sorry, think again.

The pregame for your day can be something as small as no phone until you leave your apartment. Or maybe you want to add a new pattern to your routine. Waking up 10 minutes earlier so you can have a moment to sit down and drink your coffee (at home or at the coffee shop). Giving yourself extra time to make breakfast or write in a journal. (I highly recommend the five minute journal.)


If you’re already thinking about how you can create a morning routine then we’re moving in the right direction. Think about the things that make you happiest in the morning. Is it a really good coffee? A certain breakfast? Your current favorite song? A smell? Having a few extra minutes so you are not rushing? Taking five, big deep breaths to meditate before you walk out the door?

Anything and everything can be a part of your morning routine if it feels good for you and is sustainable to keep up with. The most important thing about morning routines is  being consistent! So find something that works for you whether its listening to a certain song while you brush your teeth, eating your favorite breakfast (maybe that means preparing it overnight?!), sitting down to have your coffee, writing in a journal, reading two pages of your book, the options are endless! All it is is something that fills you up with good vibes and is easily accessible in the mornings to accomplish and enjoy.

Take it step by step. Start with small changes or small additions to your routine and go from there. Just like with everything else in life, patience is a virtue. Be patient. Invest the time in yourself.

As you can see I’m actually serious about pregaming for your day. It sets the tone for your entire day. When I grew into a consistent and sustainable morning routine I started to notice a difference in just one week. A consistent week of waking up in the morning to have enough time to drink my coffee or matcha while I journal and not use my phone until that is done (besides for checking the weather of course).

Using the five minute journal and actually having to write out what I’m grateful for has had a huge impact on how my days turn out. When I started to really feel a difference it wasn’t something I could put my finger on and determine exactly how to explain. It was just something about my energy that felt more positive and light.

So yeah, now I pregame for my day everyday. Come find me on a Saturday night to pregame and I’ll most likely be in my pajamas but in the mornings? I’m down anytime.

homemade matcha latte


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