No Food Waste


I am adamant about no food waste and as a food blogger, I feel it is my duty to spread awareness about no food waste. As someone who cooks a lot and is constantly testing and developing new recipes, I am also constantly cooking things more than once. Usually the first test of any recipe is not the final outcome of the recipe, so as you can imagine it sometimes takes a lot of ingredients to get the recipe to turn out exactly how I’d like.



Even though I might be making a certain recipe 3-4 times, I almost never throw away food. Even if it doesn’t have the perfect consistency, or the flavor isn’t super bold, or it didn’t cook properly, I still always try to figure out a way to consume the recipe unless its just straight up in edible. What defines inedible? If it’s literally vile to eat (which is almost never).


this was the final outcome of the chocolate chip cookie recipe – but the first try was made back into dough (pictured above)


People always ask me what I do with all the stuff I cook and my answer is a couple things. First, which is the main answer, I eat it. Let’s just say my husband Zach and I have really good appetites. Second, I find a way to reuse it. For example, pictured in this post I tried to recreate my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe in an almond free version, but unfortunately the first batch came out way too dense to eat. So what did I do? I sat down and thought outside of the box. Asked myself what I could do to use these cookies in a different way so I didn’t  have to throw them out, and I found a solution. I put the batch of cookies in my food processor/blender and made them back into a flour consistency. I repurposed them into something EVEN BETTER.


cookie “twix bars” made with the dough pictured above – the cookies that didnt turn out as planned and were put back into the food processor to make a new dough


Food Waste Awareness


This is just a brief intro into a bigger, more important conversation about food waste and the true extent of food waste with the rise of the food blogger world. If we sit on Instagram and go through food pictures, we see delicious foods dripping in globs of nut butters or stacks of pancakes that could feed 10 people, but it’s just one person behind the account. We have to stop and think about this for a second. Once the picture is captured, where is the food going?


Assuming that most people don’t want to throw away money, aside from delicious food, its hopefully going in the freezer or being eaten amongst themselves or shared with others. We also can’t help but assume that some of it is getting thrown out as well. Take the pic, post it, and then throw it away because it’s too many calories for one human to consume in one sitting.


So as we continue this conversation, this post was simply some food for thought about what we’re doing as a culture when it comes to food and waste.



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