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Energy bites, energy balls, raw balls… whatever you want to call them, these babies are basically mint chocolate chip ice cream in ball form.


In my world, nothing goes together better than mint and chocolate. Okay maybe nut butter and jelly, but that’s literally it. The inspiration behind this recipe was figuring out an innovative way to eat something else mint chocolate chip flavored, because it’s just something I never get sick of. Similar to my mint chocolate chip tates cookies, these have super clean ingredients and are simple to make. They both also have the same special ingredient that naturally makes them green. Chlorophyll! Check out this postĀ to read more about chlorophyl and it’s health benefits.



The key to this recipe is using the right nut. I’ve tried making these with various nuts but walnuts seem to make the perfect ball consistency. Light and fluffy with no hard chunks. Also, using walnuts means no prior soaking or boiling. They blend great in the food processor fresh and raw.


This recipe is a free for all when it comes to additions and modifications. You can add more mint flavoring if you like it minty, you can use cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips if you want less sugar, and you can add an additional sweetener like honey or coconut sugar if you want them more sweet. Since I typically make all of my recipes as low sugar as possible and high in healthy fats, the chocolate chips and dates are just enough for me. You can also omit the chlorophyll and it will still taste the same.



The purpose of this recipe is to truly show that making healthy, sweet and nutritious foods (especially sweets) is as simple as throwing a handful of ingredients in a food processor and then using your hands to play with your food, aka scoop and roll the dough into balls. It takes so little time and effort, and they will last a while. Especially if you double the recipe. Unfortunately I live in a New York City apartment and have to utilize every inch of storage I can get, so my food processor is tiny. If you have one that fits 6-8 cups, double this recipe and pop these bad boys in the freezer for whenever you’re craving them. Since the dough is super fluffy and soft, you don’t even need to really thaw them when you take them out of the freezer. They’re delicious frozen!



I hope you enjoy these as much as I do because I feel like my life’s work is to find as many recipes as possible to make mint chocolate chip flavored šŸ˜‰




Raw Walnuts

Almond Flour

Coconut Oil

Peppermint Extract

Vital Proteins (optional)

Dates (pitted)

Chocolate Chips

Nut Milk


Chocolate Chips (allergen free)



Happy Cooking!

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mint chocolate chip raw balls
12 balls
12 balls
  1. Soak your dates in hot water for 8-10 minutes.
  2. Place walnuts and almond flour in food processor and blend until they mix into a fine flour.
  3. Add the remainder of your ingredients except chocolate chips and chlorophyll. Grind until a smooth dough forms.
  4. Once dough is formed, add your chlorophyll and grind in the food processor for a couple more seconds to blend into the dough.
  5. Remove dough from food processor and place in mixing bowl. Add chocolate chips and fold them in with a spoon.
  6. Scoop dough into even sizes and roll into balls. Place in fridge (2 hours) or freezer until hardened.
  7. Store in fridge or freezer.
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