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Taking you to right to the Mediterranean beaches of Greece in the summer, with this Santorini Summer Salad. Refreshing, light, nutritious and delicious. What more could you ask for when you want to snack under the sun while catching some fresh rays?

This salad includes all of the flavors and colors of Santorini in the summer, without actually being sea side. But hey, if you close your eyes while eating this and use your imagination, you just might be able to transport yourself there.



This dressing is the cherry on top to the Mediterranean vibes. It’s super light with a base of olive oil, red wine vinegar, and tahini. There’s truly nothing better than crunching into a cold, refreshing, and flavorful pasta salad on a warm (summer) day.



The pasta I used for this recipe is Banza, which is a chickpea based pasta (ummm hello?! even more Mediterranean vibes, heck yes).


When cooking your Banza, it’s a little more high maintenance than traditional wheat based pasta. Since Banza is made from beans (chick peas), as it cooks you will start to see a white residue rise to the surface of the boiling water in the pot. The white stuff is the sugars from the beans that are condensing. If you have a sensitivity to beans or sugars, a little hack here is to use a spoon to scoop out the white stuff at the surface and toss it in your sink. By removing these sugars, you may have a better time digesting your pasta without any bloating or gas. (sorry not sorry, theres no such thing as TMI here on investmintbaker.com šŸ˜‰ )


Any toppings in the salad can be altered to your favor, if you prefer tomatoes or an addition of feta, go ahead and throw it in. Most important thing is to gather all of your friends and family and surround yourself with all of the happiness and good vibes that come with enjoying delicious food.




Organic Red Bell Pepper

Organic Yellow Pepper

Organic Seedless Cucumbers

Black Olives

Hearts of Palm

Red Onion

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Red Wine Vinegar

Garlic Powder

Pink Salt

Black Pepper



Happy Cooking!

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santorini summer salad
Prep Time 10-15 min
Prep Time 10-15 min
  1. Cook pasta using instructions on box. Make sure to mix the pasta throughout cooking and continue to check its consistency to avoid overcooking. Read instructions in post above to remove white residue that rises to the surface.
  2. Once pasta is done cooking, strain and run under cold water thoroughly to ensure it stops cooking.
  3. Set pasta aside and chop veggies. Chop the yellow bell pepper, cucumbers and olives.
  4. Dice onion, chop 1/2 of red bell pepper, and cut hearts of palm to your preference.
  5. Once all of the veggies are chopped, place cooked pasta into a large bowl and add all of your veggies.
  1. In a glass bowl or jar, *whisk* together all of the dressing ingredients to get a smooth, creamy consistency. Using a whisk instead of a spoon is going to help you get the right texture.
  2. Pour dressing over veggies and pasta and fold into the salad, making sure it has coated the entire bowl.
  3. Eat and enjoy!
  4. Store in fridge!
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