A minty HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE filled with fresh gift ideas for this holiday season. This is my first gift guide ever and I’m so excited about it! It was actually pretty easy for me to put together because everything I included is either something I own already and love, or something that is currently on my wish list. I made sure to include things within a large price range however the most expensive item is under $200. Gifting season looks different for each of us so I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it! And one last thing… don’t forget about including yourself when thinking about who you’re buying gifts for this year 😉





1. Stasher Bags 

One of my favorite inventions ever! Stasher bags were created “to make big changes by giving people beautifully designed alternatives to single-use plastics that are more functional, save consumers money, and give everyone the ability to feel good about positive choices that benefit future generations.” They’re great for food storage instead of zip-locks and you can also cook in them! As my personal collection has grown, I’ve realized they’re great for things other than food. That’s why they’re a great gift for anyone. Great for coworkers, friends, family, significant others, etc. They can be used as makeup bags, pen holders, travel bags (tissues, teas, vitamins, medication, etc) the list of options goes on. They also come in a variety of colors so you can personalize it for whoever you’re buying it for. They’re available online but if you’re in a time crunch you can check out your closest urban outfitters.


2. Hydroflask

Phone, keys, wallet, water? check. The daily mental check before I leave the house every day. My hydroflask is my favorite water bottle. I have gone through many water bottles because there’s something about them that I’m just picky with. I love everything about my hydroflask. I love the feel of it, it’s not too heavy, and it comes with multiple top options so you can change it up based on what you’re drinking! Amazing, right?? This is just an overall great gift for anyone because it’s useful, the colors are pretty, and it’s reducing waste and plastic consumption! Great for a coffee lover, tea lover, mixed drink lover (it keeps it cold!)… another gift where the options are endless. You can find hydroflask products in a handful of places but coincidentally, you can also check your local urban outfitters. (not sponsored lol I just love urban and the fact that you can check stock in store!)



The LARQ bottle is on my wishlist this year because I personally think it is so cool. The hydroflask is great for a handful of things besides water, but the LARQ is specifically for water and has a patented technology that’s the only one of it’s kind.  “The UV-C LED technology eradicates up to 99.9999%* of germs, bacteria, and protozoa, eliminating harmful and odor-causing sources which makes it the smart choice.” It’s at the higher end price range for a water bottle and that’s why I included in this gift guide. I feel like this is something a lot of people would love but wouldn’t buy for themselves. Everybody drinks water and the colors are super sleek and cool. Also, if you know someone who doesn’t drink a lot of water, this is a great gift to get them to start! Hydration is life. LARQ is also available at Bloomingdales which might be more convenient for some people to go check it out in store or get points if you’re a loyalist.



I have been using Tonic Vibes CBD products for over a year now and I absolutely love them. Not only do I trust the quality of their products because they started before CBD became cool, but also because their farm is local in upstate New York. “Growing our own hemp flower allows us to dictate the cultivation practices, genetics, and overall quality of the plants that ultimately become your TONIC products.” And it’s true. They’re truly amazing and are mixed with other botanicals and healing herbs which have added health benefits along with a great taste! My favorite is the CHILL but I love all of them. The OG or the CHILL are great gifts, especially for someone you know who needs to de-stress this holiday season and/or get restful sleeps.


5. Acne Studios Beanie

Hello winter, beanie season is here. I included this beanie in the guide because I think it’s really cool and it’s unisex so it’s a great gift for anyone. Acne Studios has a cool vibe in general, and I feel like this is just an awesome gift for anyone who likes style and might not spend this on themselves for a beanie. Cough cough, me? This one is at the top of my wish list.


6. Bombas

I loveeeee Bombas socks. I have a few pairs and I love them all. These are such a great gift for anyone! They’re great for working out, the wool socks are super warm and perfect for cozy winter nights or ski trips, the kid’s ones are adorable, and the patterned ones are fun and festive. The design of the sock is extremely comfortable, fits well and wear’s well. Most importantly, holiday season is all about giving, especially to those in need, which is why Bombas are especially special on this list. “When we first learned that socks are the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, we knew we had to do something. We started Bombas to make an impact on our community by donating a pair of socks for every pair we sold, and continue that philosophy of thoughtful giving towards each clothing item we make. No matter what it is, one purchased = one donated.” So not only are you gifting an awesome gift, you’re also giving to someone in need, in true holiday spirit.






1. Outdoor Voices Megafleece

No shame in this game, I own three of these. I have two from last season when they first launched because I of course needed the hooded version and the non hooded version. But then this year when they relaunched it in a slightly different style, I had to have one too because they are my absolute favorite. I will preface this with, if you or someone you know is very sensitive to the feeling of wool, you might not love this unless you’re going to wear something with sleeves under it always. I personally don’t mind the feeling and I think that initial “itchiness” goes away once it’s worn in a bit. This is the perfect gift for a friend because it’s basically like giving them a warm hug in gift form. Perfect for cold winter nights, heading to your workout in the winter, taking the dog for a walk, going on a ski trip, hiking… the options are endless! Outdoor Voices is hands down my favorite brand at the moment. I’m just completely obsessed and want everything (aka why I have two Outdoor Voices products included on this guide). The company is amazing, the founder is so inspiring, their products are awesome quality, and specifically this megafleece is made with 63% Reclaimed Wool! Comes in mens and women’s and various colors.


2. Friends Sweatshirt

Does this really need an explanation? For the friend that’s a Friends lover (aka everyone because if your’re not a Friends lover, sorry we can’t be friends.) Also comes in a hoodie version and is just as cute, and would make any Friends enthusiast happy. This is one of those “put’s a smile on your face” kind of gifts.


3. Outdoor Voices Cloudknit Sweatpants

Outdoor Voices – we meet again. Another design by the apparel innovators at Outdoor Voices that is absolutely heavenly. I own these pants and I officially need them in every other color. They are the softest, most comfortable pants in the entire world and they don’t fit like classic “sweatpants”. They’re super flattering with a more tailored fit to the leg, and they’re made for activities not just hanging around. Perfect for your adventure buddy or your hang out wine-night movie partner. Just like the megafleece, these come for men and women and there are multiple colors. They also have matching hoodies, tees and long sleeves in the same fabric/colors.


4. Reformation Sweatshirt

If you’re not familiar with Reformation, they’re an incredible women’s brands that makes quality products and beautifully made designs. Their entire brand is based on sustainability and feminine fits, and they nailed it. The Rio sweatshirt is such a great gift for a friend because who doesn’t love a good sweatshirt, and this one is the softest and coziest but also still cute enough to wear out! It looks cute with jeans and can be dressed up for an effortless cool look. I chose clothing items for the gift for a friend category because I feel like clothing is a bit more personalized, and I also think it’s really nice to get something from a friend that you’re going to use a lot. Like an item of clothing that you live in becomes extra special when you know it was also a gift from a friend.


5. Mejuri Gold Hoops

Mejuri is another brand to know if you’re not familiar with them already. They are a jewelry company making stylish, cool and beautiful fine jewelry at more affordable prices. There’s something about hoop earrings that makes every woman feel like she can conquer the world when she’s wearing them, so these are the perfect gift for any amazing woman in your life! Mejuri also has a ton of great gift options for any piece of jewelry on their site, and they also have a store in SoHo, NYC.


A Gift For A Lover



1. Catbird Love Letter Necklace

Catbird is probably my favorite jewelry company because mostly everything is handmade in Brooklyn, or designed by other local or boutique jewelry designers that really just make beautiful pieces. This is the smallest love letter in the world, and it is such a perfect gift for anyone in your life who you want to send some love to! This category “a gift for a lover” is meant for anyone who just loves, LOVE. Not necessarily your lover, it can be for a friend, your mom, aunt, sister, grandma, cousin, etc. It’s just an adorable, sweet and sentimental gift to give someone you love. PS – Catbird is a woman owned company with an awesome mission.


2. Little Words Project Bracelet

Another woman owned company with an awesome mission. Little Words Project makes super cute and trendy hand-made bracelets with inspiring words and messages on them. You can also create your own design with your own word or name with their “customize” option. These are the perfect gift for a coworker, friend, family member, etc. I think this is a great gift option because it’s affordable and also genuine. A great price point for office work parties, grab bags, or just to let someone know they matter. If you want to shop for these in store, they are sold at Saks and Nordstrom too.


3. Hanky Panky Set

I am obsessedddd with this set! Also at the top of my wishlist. Blogger Lindsi Lane did a collaboration with Hanky Panky and the designs are SO GOOD. This is one of those gifts where you might get it for someone else and then be like wait… I need one too! The whole collection is amazing so you really can’t go wrong, I just love this set because it’s sexy enough but isn’t too much or too intimate to gift to someone. If there’s any brides that you’re gifting this season… this IS the gift for them. Available at multiple retailers and online.


4. The Luxuriate Candle Holder/Candle

Interior design must have. This is the perfect gift for anyone – men or women. The marble candle holder is so unique and cool and it’s nice. It’s a bit heavy but that’s because it’s real stone, which makes this such a chic gift for anyone. The candle holder comes in a variety of stone options and the company also makes the candles that fit perfectly inside. This is another one of those gifts that someone might fall in love with, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. And who doesn’t love a good candle during the holidays?!


5. Heart Shaped Mini Waffle Maker

When I think of the holidays, I think of cozy pjs and homemade sweet treats. What’s better than waking up on the holidays to the smell of fresh waffles! This waffle maker is super cute and affordable and is extremely easy to use. You just wait for the light to turn on to let you know it’s heated, you pour your batter in, and the light turns off when the waffle is cooked. Super simple, great for someone with kids, someone with a small NYC kitchen, or someone who loves waffles (umm, everyone?). Another great gift for anyone, especially a work party or grab bag. Gingerbread waffles? Apple pie spiced waffles? Banana walnut waffles? Chocolate chip? Making your own waffles is the only way to waffle in my opinion. I personally love Birchbenders mixes the best because they have super clean ingredients and they’re fool proof. All you need is water and 1 tbsp of oil and your waffle batter is ready. You can find this waffle maker at multiple retailers online and in store (Target and Kohls).


A Gift For A Beauty



1. Kari Gran Lip Whip

I think it would be impossible to count the amount of lip balms and moisturizers and glosses I’ve had over the years, but I have to say this is my favorite by far. I am a huge mint lover (if ya couldn’t tell….) so I love the peppermint scented ones but I also own a couple of the tinted ones and I love them too. This is the best gift for the holidays because even if you or someone you know is not a beauty enthusiast, there are a lot of parties and celebrations to get dressed up for during the holiday season, and it’s cold and dry out. That’s the secret sauce in this lip whip is that it looks glossy and shiny (and depending on what color you get it looks like lipstick), but it’s actually not a gloss – its a moisturizer! Hands down one of my daily products I couldn’t live without. This is one of those easy token gifts for a work grab bag, secret santa, mother in law… etc. or it’s a really nice addition to a bigger gift.



Ok fine… this is another lip balm that I love but it also works as blush for the cheeks! One of my favorite products to have in my bag at all times, because I can basically do a face of makeup with this one product. I love this as a gift because it’s such a useful product and comes in a variety of shades that work for multiple skin tones! For the days when you’re running around all day and need a little boost of color, or are heading out after a work day and don’t want to carry your make up with you all day and night. Another great token gift that isn’t super personalized so would be great for a secret santa or work gift, but also a gift for someone you know could use it!


3. Floss Gloss

Although most of us could say we rarely (or never) do our nails at home, I included this in the guide because Floss Gloss is such an awesome nail polish brand that a lot of nail salons don’t carry! Also because this is one of those gifts that might not be something someone buys for themselves, but if received as a gift it’s actually nice to have. Floss Gloss makes unique colors that are beautiful, and the polish stays really well. My nail salon carries floss gloss and it’s one of the only two brands I use because it stays longer than the typical brands (no need to name names haha). They are “Professional grade, self-leveling, quick dry 7-Free formula, Beauty Award Winning colors + glitters, Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free ingredients + manufacturing, Designed in Brooklyn + Made in California.”


4. Cocokind Highlighter Sticks

I know I said this earlier but these really are my absolute favorite must-have products! I am obsessed with Cocokind products, everything I use from the brand I love. Linked above is the set of three because I think they are all useful to have even for different skin tones, but you can also find the individual ones on Cocokind’s site as well as urban outfitters and in store at Whole Foods. These highlighter sticks are so beautiful and are another amazing option for multi-purpose use! That’s what I love about the three pack. For my skin tone, I use the Sunrei for eyeshadow and the corner of my eyes, the Mai-Light is my everyday highlighter (not a day goes by that I don’t use this, even when I’m not wearing any other makeup), and the Chagaglo I use for highlighter, as a blush when I want to look a little more tan than blushed, and as an eyeshadow. A great stocking stuffer, work grab bag, or for anyone you know who likes a natural make up look and a little glow.


5. Cocokind Basics Beauty Set

This is only available online so if you’re in a time crunch, I suggest getting on this! As I stated above, I am obsesseddd with Cocokind products. They are such great quality, they smell amazing, they’re clean, vegan, cruelty free, no harsh chemicals, and the company is super knowledgable and intentional about skin types and creating products for all skin types. What I love about this set is that it’s a beauty kit that’s simple and useful. Makeup can be hard sometimes to gift people because it’s so personal, but this kit is perfect to gift someone the opportunity to create their own little self care routine. And the best part is? Cocokind products are pretty affordable in comparison to similar products on the market so once they run out of whatever they’re using, they can actually replace it themselves and your gift was a super useful, awesome gift that is now part of their daily routine! How awesome is that.


A Gift For Cozy Winter Vibes



1. Cute Onesie

This next category of cozy winter vibes is filled with products from Aerie because I am a huge Aerie lover. I am a huge aerie supporter and am always happy when making a purchase because I love the brand’s mission. “With the #AerieREAL™ movement, Aerie celebrates its community by advocating for body positivity and the empowerment of all women. Aerie believes in inspiring customers to love their real selves, inside and out.” This onesie is the cutest and Aerie materials are so soft and cozy! This is the ultimate holiday gift and is one of those things you just can’t go wrong with. To me, the holidays are all about drinking hot cocoa in onesies snuggled by the fire (or yule log) with the ones you love.


2. Boobie Mugs

Do these even need an explanation? I am just in love with these. They are adorable and such a great gift for anyone and any holiday gathering! I bet you someone comes to mind right away that this would be such a cute gift for. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a cute mug?


3. Smeg Tea Kettle

Although this is on the pricier side, this is such a beautiful gift to gift someone and it truly makes for such a special addition to any home. What I love about this is that a tea kettle is useful for anyone. Coffee lovers, tea, oatmeal, the list is endless. What I also love about this is that it’s another one of those things that someone might not spend the money on for themselves, but would love to receive as a gift. These are available at multiple retailers and department stores if you want to purchase in person, but I got mine from Amazon and it’s perfect!


4. Polar Bear PJs

I never realized the extent of holiday shopping until making this guide, because within just a couple of days a few items that I added to this guide are already sold out! Unfortunately, these pants are one of them, but the flannel ones I linked are super cute too and an awesome gift! As I’ve mentioned a few times in this guide, to me the holidays are all about snuggling in cozy pjs and a cute pair of pjs is necessary during this time. I still believe in looking cute and feeling confident, even if it’s in pjs, and no one is ever mad about receiving a cute pair of pjs. Perfect for a friend, family member, or stocking stuffer!


5. Fleece Romper

Another cozy PJ from Aerie because they genuinely just make the comfiest and cutest things! I love this romper for the holidays. It’s such a cute little outfit for taking pictures in with the fam, sipping hot cocoa, or dancing around to Christmas music in the kitchen. It’s cozy, cute, and it such a perfect gift for anyone! You can’t go wrong with this one.



A Gift For A Dreamer



1. Spirit Animal Oracle

I own this deck and guidebook and love it so much! It’s the perfect gift for anyone who believes in conversing with a higher power. The best part about this is that it can be for your super spiritual friend, or someone who’s right on the edge. Since this deck is all about connecting to animal spirits, it’s super relatable and fun to do! I’ve had so many friends who come over and every time want to pull a spirit animal card. It’s fun, it’s inspiring, and it’s a great price point for a holiday gift.


2. Zodiac Tee

More aerie products because duh! I love this tee so much. When I saw it I immediately had to order it because one, it’s been on sale, and two, I’m a sucker for anything horoscope related. This is such a cute gift for a friend, family member, or coworker that you love to share you daily horoscope with. The person who gets who you and you get them because of your signs. That pretty much sums up why I love this as a gift for the holidays. So special and so cute!


3. Zodiac Candle

This candle comes in all of the horoscope signs and is perfect gift if you don’t want to go the t-shirt route! I think anything horoscope related is such a nice, personalized gift that anyone who lives for their sign would appreciate.


4. Zodiac Socks

These are no longer available 🙁 but I found these (which don’t relate to the dreamer category) but they’re so cute for the holidays!


5. Star Print Makeup/Travel Bag

MZ Wallace makes amazing bags and I think I can confidently say I’ve never met someone who doesn’t like them. I love this bag as a gift because it’s so useful during the holidays when so many people are traveling and constantly on the go. The star pattern makes it festive and unique and memorable! This is a quality gift for someone in your life who you care about and want to get something useful and a little bit fancy for.


And thats a wrap!


Holiday Gift Guide 2019 complete. I hope it was useful and enjoyable for you to read! Wishing everyone the happiest and warmest holiday season filled with love, light, and lot’s of yummy treats! Closing out the decade with gratitude for everything these past ten years have taught us, given us, shown us, changed us, and nudged us to get to where we are today. Exactly where we’re meant to be. <3



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