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If you’re a soft baked cookie fan, these soft baked pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies are going to tickle your fancy. We all know that it’s the season for all things pumpkin.  However, especially during Thanksgiving when the entire meal is centered around a bird, it’s hard to find yummy vegan options!


I don’t know about you but I think dessert is the most important part of any meal. Even on Thanksgiving dinner, I love all the main dishes specifically the sides, but I’m still sitting there thinking about dessert. What are the dessert options? Are any of them dairy free? Are they homemade without refined sugars? Ohhh, welcome to my life.



I think it goes without saying that being a health conscious person and into clean eating, it can be hard not to get in your own head when it comes to eating things that you didn’t make yourself. I used to always feel awkward or embarrassed when asking someone “does this have dairy in it?” or “how’d you make this, what’s in it?”. I’ve come to the point after doing a lot of personal work on awareness and acceptance where I don’t feel bad or get awkward anymore. I care more about feeling my best and not allowing myself to compromise my health just because I “feel bad” for asking a question. And honestly, if anyone makes you feel bad for asking a question, isn’t that more on them than it is on you anyway?


As someone who loves to cook and bring homemade treats to holidays and events, I don’t mind when people ask me what’s in the food I made! I actually think it’s awesome when people are genuinely interested in what they’re eating and are taking their health into their own hands. It usually also segways into a much deeper conversation about food and healthy cooking, and it’s an opportunity to bond over our health journeys as well.


There’s no better feeling than enjoying the holidays while also feeling good and eating well. I remember the not so good old days when I used to get sick after the holidays with stomach pains and lot’s of time in the bathroom. I started to dread the holidays! I would associate the holidays with stomach aches and discomfort and I never got to fully enjoy them because there was always something fearful lingering in the back of my mind.


That’s part of the reason why this is such a passion of mine. To share healthy alternatives, with clean ingredients, and with options for everyone at the table! Even if you’re not a vegan, you can still eat the vegan options and love them because they’re yummy. The vegans at the table can still appreciate the love and soul that was put into the thanksgiving meal, even if they’re not necessarily eating everything on the table.


That’s the beauty of taking our own health into our own hands. We get to choose what we eat and how we feel, but we still get to enjoy every moment and be present at the holidays without any distractions or fears. Accepting everyone at the table for who they are and what they eat, without any disconnect due to dietary restrictions.



With that being said, these soft baked pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies are cooked with puréed pumpkin instead of eggs and the flavor is amazing. The chocolate chunks are allergen free thanks to enjoy life foods, and in my opinion they taste better than “regular” chocolate chunks. This might sound like a turn off to you if you were like me and were not a fan of fig newtons as a kid, but these kind of have a similar flavor to the best tasting fig newton ever made. And that’s coming from someone who never understood how someone could voluntarily eat a fig newton.


These are super easy to make and no prior baking skills are required. All you need is one bowl and you’re oven and you’re good! If you need a last minute recipe to bring to your office, friendsgiving, or thanksgiving with the fam, these are a win. They’re basically a homemade, healthified version of the chips ahoy red packaged cookies or the traditional pepperidge farm soft baked cookies but with all the fall feels. So much yum.



Canned Pumpkin

Almond Butter

Coconut Sugar

Vanilla Extract

Coconut Flour

Baking Powder


Happy Cooking!

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soft baked pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies
  1. Preheat oven to 350*. Line baking tray with parchment paper.
  2. Whisk together pumpkin, almond butter, coconut sugar and vanilla extract.
  3. Add coconut flour and baking powder and mix with a spoon.
  4. Chill dough for 10 minutes in the fridge. If you skip this step it will still work but the cookies come out better if dough is chilled.
  5. Scoop dough into even balls and form cookie shapes, placing on baking tray. They will not spread so you don't need to leave that much space.
  6. Cook for 12-15 min until lightly browned on the sides.
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